Photo Clip Art

Photo Clip Art 3.12

Insert new objects into existing photographs from a image-based object library
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Photo Clip Art is a system for inserting new objects into existing photographs by querying a vast image-based object library, precomputed using a publicly available Internet object database. The central goal is to shield the user from all of the arduous tasks typically involved in image composting.
Instead of trying to manipulate the object to change its orientation, color distribution, etc. to fit the new image, we simply retrieve an object of a specified class that has all the required properties (camera pose, lighting, resolution, etc) from our large object library.
Photo Clip Art presents new automatic algorithms for improving object segmentation and blending, estimating true 3D object size and orientation, and estimating scene lighting conditions.
Photo Clip Art also presents an intuitive user interface that makes object insertion fast and simple even for the artistically challenged

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